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    Now Warriors might be interested in bringing back Durant.

    According to Andscape's Marc J. Spears, the Warriors have an interest in potentially acquiring Kevin Durant from the Nets.
    As we've seen on many occasions in sports, a successful franchise doesn't remain at the top of its league by simply staying within its comfort zone. Even though the Warriors have won four of the last eight NBA titles, there is apparently an interest in getting in the mix for Durant in the aftermath of his trade request. What a possible trade for KD would look like is up for debate. But given what Utah was able to get from Minnesota in exchange for Rudy Gobert, the Nets are going to want a king's ransom for Durant. Golden State (or any team, for that matter) will have to give up a lot for the future Hall of Fame forward, as he has four years remaining on his current contract. And with the Warriors well into the luxury tax, adding Durant could make things difficult on the team with regard to rounding out the roster.

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    Sometimes i feel like these reports dont like being one upped by Woj and Sham so they just start throwing out anything no matter if its true or not just to keep relevant. There is no chance this would happen

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    I hope not. Dont think it would happen either

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    i am with sam. i hope this does not happen.

    plus for durant's sake he will look even more pussified.

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    Nets keep KD in the end. They won't let him go and no team will pay and give up enough to make the trade happen is my best guess.

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    I hope this doesn't happen as a Warriors fan because the price for Durant will be too much I think to make it worthwhile. Will be interesting to see where he ends up but I don't think it's going to be the Warriors.

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    Warriors have had enough injury problems with Curry and Thompson. Why add another one?