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    MSG bans fan for LIFE after he sucker-punched Tampa Bay Lightning supporter

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    NY Full of THUGS & LIBERALS Build a WALL around that PRISON TOWN

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    How is that a sucker punch? Guy is running his mouth at a New Yorker and doesn’t expect to get hit? Guy turns around and faces him before he clocks him. I hate to break it to everyone but when fights breakout the aggressor doesn’t typically go “OK I’m going to hit you now. Are you ready? I’m not gonna swing until you are ready.” Guy shouldn’t of been running his mouth like that walking behind a stranger. If it was me talking like that, I would expect eventually, that if I keep talking shit at some point it is possible dude might turn around and swing.

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    Baz correct

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    They did that once in Escape From New York.Im the Duke of New York im a Number One!