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    Nba finals schedule

    Is it too many days in between games. You really only need 1 rest day.

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    NBA is greedy. They are a show business. They will drag this on forever. Plus keep in mind they have players that complain when they have to work two days in a row.

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    Hockey usually drags it out too, but I saw somewhere they want to be done june 30 so I doubt that will be possible

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    Is it still 2-3-2?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stake1 View Post
    Is it still 2-3-2?
    No it's 2-2-1-1-1 now in the Finals. At least game 4 is on Friday night but after that it's 2 days in between games which is weird but like laker said they like to drag this out as long as they can.