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    Are local horse races rigged?

    For people who go to their local (non-big) tracks, any special kind of angles to look for? I usually just bet dogs and do not bad. I feel like there's a good formula though. Sometimes I'll bet one jockey the whole night.

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    I have often thought this

    Each local peer gets a little bit of the overall pot this way, Noone dominates.

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    Although some horses will hold back

    Itís all about watching late odds moves

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post

    Although some horses will hold back

    It’s all about watching late odds moves
    So you're saying follow the late money? By that time a lot of underdog odds at the track have already been hammered down and value is gone.

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    Jocks play games with their other friends jocks many from same Country too so they help each other

    It is tight nit group, huge edge when you know a horse 4-5 is going to run out

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    you have to study the form GOAT.

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    they play for tokens at local tracks

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    Like the jockey focus. Knowing the jockeys can be very helpful as they rotate on the horses and odds.

    Hitting one or two of them all night an interesting angle for a little chance at some ROI.

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    I went to a harness race track which has had rigged races befor i got the girl to give me a pick and she gave me a trifecta boxed i didnt ened up boxing it and lost but all three horses won i thought that to be a little weird.

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    I used to like the harness races. Always had the most success with them when I was younger.

    Cal Expo near Sacramento, CA.

    Good times.

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    shady stuff louisiana tracks

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    horses are held up all the time, esp in harness racing

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    Yes. My Uncle Henry is a high ranking member of the Mexican Mafia (Dads sisters husband, we aren’t Mexican) and he owned some race horses back in the day and they are definitely rigged.

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    Coming soon at a bookstore near you:

    "How to Win in Betting Horse Races by Following The Late Money" by jjgold

    and don't forget to bundle it with his bestseller:

    "How to Win in Sports Betting by Following the Due Win Theory" by jjgold

    you also get a free peak to his famous spreadsheet where he will teach you how to lose $60,000 in juice by making daily $100 bets for 10 years in a row.

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    Years ago i was buddies with george munsell RIP hanging and drinkings at local AZ dogtack bars OTB...man the stories he would tell about him and dale baze down at the Rillito bull ring in Tucson...how they would either run the favorite to the ground or run one two just galloping in the half mile track....back then it was lots more crooked then now on the fixing side where now its crooked on the drug side...i remember jockey named Anthony dasilva at turf paradice winning by a city block and thenetting caught w a battery...ahh the good old days....now if u wanna know my opinion for a non form buyer is to play pick 3 4 5's number one if u hit its nice pay number two kinda like the 5 count system in craps it stretches your wager buck out....your most likely going to lose playing wp on chalks your better of trying for bigger payday if you hit

    Edit..also on dog racing which i think is easier handicapping then horses how they fix is throwing dogs into mud pools for hours day of race tires fu$k out of them
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    100% they play games at some of the smaller harness tracks. Had a buddy back in the day who knew a trainer at Northfield who used to give us huge tips when he was going to pop a big one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chief Wahoo View Post
    100% they play games at some of the smaller harness tracks. Had a buddy back in the day who knew a trainer at Northfield who used to give us huge tips when he was going to pop a big one.
    did those tips usually pan out?

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    This is what happened to the cheaters at Raceway Park here in Toledo. For the record, Bob Zubkoff was great for me. Had some great juice.

    Harness driver knifed at Raceway Park; attacker jailed

    The Blade

    JUL 8, 2001
    4:32 PM

    Robert Zubkoff was given the best odds of winning his race at Raceway Park.
    But then the harness driver's luck turned sour Friday night. He not only lost the race but was stabbed afterward at the racetrack's bar by an irate gambler, police said yesterday.
    Mr. Zubkoff, 37, was in serious condition in St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center last night after being gashed on the left side of his chest during a fight in the sports bar of the North Toledo park.
    His accused attacker, Mohamed Jomaa, 65, was in the Lucas County jail last night charged with felonious assault, a second-degree felony. If convicted, Mr. Jomaa faces two to eight years in jail and a maximum fine of $15,000
    Mr. Zubkoff, a lifelong harness racer, was picked by the track's guide to finish third in the race. But more Raceway Park patrons bet on his No. 5 horse, Badget, than any other for the race - giving him the best race odds, 2-to-1. If he had won, the bettors would have gotten twice what they bet. Instead, his horse finished fifth. A horse with 6-to-1 odds won.
    It was Mr. Zubkoff's only race of the night, so he met friends at the track's sports bar, according to witnesses and Mr. Zubkoff's family.
    Shortly after the track's 13th and final race, about 11:30 p.m., Mr. Jomaa reportedly approached Mr. Zubkoff at the sports bar and began shouting obscenities.
    “The guy walked up and screamed, `I'll never bet you on a [expletive] No. 5 horse again,'” said the victim's brother, Mark.
    Witnesses told the victim's family that Mr. Jomaa continued to shout at Mr. Zubkoff, despite the driver's friends trying to push Mr. Jomaa away. Mr. Jomaa broke free and approached Mr. Zubkoff, and the two traded punches.
    “They got into it, got split up, and then the guy [Mr. Jomaa] came at him with a knife,” Mark Zubkoff said.
    Patrons began screaming “fight,” which drew the attention of an off-duty sheriff's deputy working security. The deputy raced to the bar and found Mr. Zubkoff staggering, according to Sheriff James Telb.
    “The victim didn't know he was stabbed at first,” Sheriff Telb said. “He said, `I was beaten up. I was assaulted.' Then he looked down and said, `I've been stabbed!'”
    Mr. Jomaa of 3425 Hughes Drive was taken to a track security office before being taken to jail, Sheriff Telb said. The 5-foot-11, 215-pound suspect was booked into jail with $254 in his pockets.
    Mr. Jomaa's wife, Ann, said last night that she didn't know what happened and declined to comment further.
    Mark Zubkoff said that, while he wasn't at the bar to see how the fight began, he talked to several witnesses who heard the exchange before the fight.
    Sheriff Telb confirmed that the fight began over an argument about “a race or races.”
    Police did not immediately find a weapon, and no witnesses saw one, Sheriff Telb said.
    Because the racetrack is within city limits, city police have taken over the case. Chief Mike Navarre said last night that no more information was available.
    The sports bar is part of the grandstand area, about 50 feet from the betting windows. Anyone at the track can watch the beginning of the race from there or monitor other races on TVs.
    Mr. Zubkoff is part of a family of five brothers and a father, Ed, who all at one time have trained horses or raced at the racetrack.
    The family can't remember a time when a driver got stabbed at the park. Neither can Mike White, the racetrack's general manager.
    “I'd say it's the first time,” Mr. White said. “There's been an occasional fist-fight between customers, but never anything to this extent.”
    Rachel Zinn contributed to this report.

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    One day out at Turf Paradise in the mid 80's the race was run it look like for sure the 7 came in on the 8.Back then there was no quick official, so no inquiry or objection was lodged i was out with a very big local better, he ran to the paddock yelled for the rider of the 8 Duane Salvino to go and claim foul and said ill pay your fine for the dq if it does not go thru.Sure enough he ran to the phone before the last jock weighed in claimed foul after a 3 or 4 minute objection the 7 was dq'd and the 8 was placed first.It was a great win and we went down the street to Montys and had a great steak!

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    Yes. Befriend the jockeys and they will give you inside info