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    I don't believe you ... please continue
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    Quote Originally Posted by maggiethebestdog View Post
    The Dolphins seem to be really aggressive and want to win bad

    Unfortunately they wasted a top pick on Tua, and are he'll bent on sticking with that mistake

    He is horrendous, a backup or game manager at best

    It will be Flores downfall, and I think he is a great coach other than that

    So if he throws for 4,000, 35 and 10 next year, please don't bump this post

    I like my chances, though
    come on. Little harsh

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    Quote Originally Posted by DwightShrute View Post
    come on. Little harsh

    I think he is terrible Dwight
    He is another Bama guy who was way overrated because of their dominance all over the field

    Time will tell, but I'm predicting Mitch Tribusky type bust here

    At best, he could be a game manager
    At pick #5, that's a waste

    Just my opinion

    Add on:

    I can't blame guys like Tribusky, Rosen, Darnold... and many others, for their disappointment status, because it's really the teams fault for drafting them so high because they fit a "prototype", and not because they were really good players

    Tua probably looked better because he was on Bama

    Once again, just my opinion

    They all still have time to prove me wrong, which happens quite often to me in life

    Sometimes a change of scenery is needed, but I just don't buy these guys on any team

    Look at all of these college defensive line studs that have taken the league by storm immediately after being drafted

    Better to use a top pick on one of them than a "prototype" QB who was marginal in college
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    Quote Originally Posted by MinnesotaFats View Post
    They still might trade out of it.

    Holding their cards close to the vest here.
    Very true..I definitely have no idea what they doing..just giving my opinion on what it looks like. You could definitely be right though

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