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    Idaho State +12

    on a b2b at Eastern Washington, last game regular season.
    The Bengals just beat EW, at EW, Wednesday, 68-63.
    The Bengals are 5-2 since 1/30, with only losses vs. Montana, by 1 pt and 6 pt
    Big Sky Conference Tournament starts March 10. In conference play, EW is 11-3,
    Idaho State is 8-5. EW may be looking ahead to the tournament as what matters,
    which, of course, is true. EW is certainly a contender to win the Big Sky and make
    the NCAA tournament. Idaho State is starting to think of themselves as a contender
    by building confidence over the last month. If they beat EW again, or play it close,
    they will feel good about their chances. Psychological edge is with the Bengals who
    just beat them and want to keep momentum. EW somehow only putting up 63 pts
    was an outlier. They usually score 75-90. What happened? They shot .583 on 36 FTA,
    but .227 on 22 3PA. FTA's were 8 and 10, TO's 8 and 12. Idaho State has a respectable
    3P defensive scheme. They rank 8th in lowest opponent 3PA, while the 3's that are tossed
    sink at a .347 rate league-wide, against Big Sky the 3PA number is better at only 15.8.

    So the bet here is taking the 12 which needs whatever the Bengals did Wednesday to be
    effective again. Hold down the EW guards from sinking 3's again. Get in their faces.
    If Idaho State plays zone and perimeter defense they can cover or even win again.
    EW looking ahead to the tournament and not risking injury could also be expected.

    Lastly, Senior Guard Jacob Davison who is an important starter on the team has been
    nursing an unlisted injury. His minutes have been limited the last 2 games, only 5 and 7 mins.
    It is highly unlikely he will play many minutes in a game like this that doesn't mean anything.
    He has a history of ankle problems and will need to be in full form for next week's Big Sky tournament.
    Without him being a full-time factor, EW is unlikely to cover via 3's.
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    good analysis

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    sick, lost by 1 freaking point.

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    That +3 2H was nice