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    So exactly how much are these vaccine companies paying the media?

    We are seeing alot of hypocrisy in the media coverage. Every person who dies with Covid is a Covid death, regardless of how many underlying conditions they had. If they are 96 and die it is because of Covid, not a coincidence.

    Now, suddenly any time there is a report of someone dying after taking the vaccine it is a "coincidence". That they had some underlying health conditions and it is correlation without causation.

    Does anyone else see the hypocrisy here? Media is doing everything in their power to shut down any reports of someone dying after taking the vaccine. I'm not saying myself you should be scared to take a vaccine, but the media is being dishonest with us regarding some of these stats.

    Exactly how much is the media getting paid to promote these vaccines and who is paying them?

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    vitter will answer


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    Who knows

    Any vaccine some people die