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    Most people would have gone broke before losing that many in a row. What odds are you playing?

    I lost 17 in a row once but all at odds ~+350. The odds of losing 39 50/50 propositions in a row are astronomical (but not impossible)

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    Sorry to come back to this topic after a few weeks, I stopped receiving notifications for some reason. A few of you asked for proof. I thought the best thing to do would be to record my screen so you can see no doctoring has taken place. I've posted it on youtube (I'll take it down in a few weeks for privacy for anyone reading this from the future).

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    that is nasty streak. shake it off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by killawookie View Post
    If it's ALL horses.. 30 losses is not surprising. WAY different than a 2 option win/loss or over/under.

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    wowza. time for a new hobby

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