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    Congrats Cleveland for destroying yet another young QB's dream of becoming a great...

    NFL Quarterback!!!

    Absolutely no legitimate reason for pulling Baker out of a game that the entire
    Brown's TEAM did not show up or even get dressed for..

    Pulling a QB outta a game when he has 4-1 record?

    Strictly for health reasons my ASSSSS Stefanski!

    Tell Baker that, no I mean tell it to his soul you fukkin idiot...

    Chalk it up to about what now, 20 promising QB's who came to Cleveland
    only to die while still in their strollers?

    Feel bad for the kid even though his team happens to be Pittsburgh's worst enemy, numero uno,number one, past present future>>>> forever........

    Never witnessed any game ever in my life to where a team was completely checked out from starting gun to final gun...

    I mean Steelers didn't even come close to a playing a good game even though the scoreboard said they destroyed em.

    On a "normal" 5 game stretch of Steelers performance today Pittsburgh would of
    lost 4 outta the 5.....


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    The Mistake on the Lake

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    They did say at the start of the game that he had injured ribs or some shit. Plus Landry was hurt going in and they are missing their top running back. To be honest, I thought that they were going to pull him sooner than they did.

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    Why risk his health if your team is checked out lol

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    He was technically ? going into game.

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    That was a knock-out punch. Try again next season, Browns.