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    some thoughts about replays

    After two yesterdays games I got some thoughts about all replay thing .

    Both games ended up with multiple replays at the end . I am super curious what is total time wasted for this . This is not good for entartainnment for sure.

    2nd thing , replaying most obvious calls . This is just disaster. Very often broadcasters and people watchcing got the final outcome after one peak look. Referees going over and over same spot , different angles .

    Putting time on the clock . Is it really that fckn important to put that 2 seconds more to total clock when there is 1m50 left. They are adding two backcourt dribles to the game and wasting time and killing leftovers of game smoothness

    Why not using this NASA replay center to navigate trough most obvious , not judgemental ones ? Is it really that important to get referee to watch live on screen if the shot was two or 3 or if clock expired

    And last but for me the most important thing. Both games finishing with free throws. Thats the way close games ending today. All those cameras watching them 24 , with game being somewhat physical , every contact you can call a personal foul . You cannot defend the shot : with dragic being straight up to midletton free , ( oh ok steve jabie he was not allowed to land) , cannot play offball : with harden personal before inbound with last seconds , that was normal man coverage.

    I fully understand that we are looking to have fair enviroment. With teams protected against bad whistles.
    Bud damn referees made plenty of mistakes yesterday in both 4th Q even having all those replays

    I was always proponent of replays in majority of sports , however now my take is different . This is making basketball lame. Let those amazing players play the ball . They are good at it . We want buzzers , transition slam dunks , shot blocks , good off ball defence and smoothness , not breaks with referees .

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    replay in final 2 minutes is ridiculous/excessive