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    Pac 12, Big 10, and now MWC football players united....

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    typical college pussies thinking Covid is Cancer

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    The NCAA has already stated that their scholarship remains intact if they opt out of the season. If you don't think the conferences or universities are doing enough, don't play. With the number of players per program, I'm sure there will be someone else wanting to take their spot.

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    The stupidity of the Black players stands out now. I totally agree that they should be concerned about their health. The stupidity is asking for money when every college in the nation is going to take a major financial hit. That is completely and totally off the table. If these kids think they are so good, play two seasons and go pro. This "Black Lives Matter" movement is allowing to think that they really matter. Surprise!!! For every black kid who has a starting spot on a team there are 3 more just as good waiting to fill their spots. Black Lives DO NOT Matter to everyone.