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    Cole is -340 on the road tonight (and other 7/29 MLB thoughts)

    I kind of though Cole and the Yanks would be -300 or so, but -340?

    I don't care if NYY is facing Baltimore, you have to have rocks in your head to lay -340 straight up.
    Now if you want to use the Yanks in a parlay to reduce some of that juice, well OK maybe but still even if you hit a two teamer with the Yanks your payoff will still be microscopic.

    Moving on.....

    Three early games.

    Colorado at Oakland
    3:40 pm
    Colorado starts Marquez, Oakland starts Montas

    Colorado away from home doesn't hit that well
    Yes, Story, Arenado, and Blackmon all carry thunder sticks but Montas is good enough to slow them down plus Oakland's lineup is very balanced.

    I like Oakland here at -142. (Now -144)
    -142 is a bit high for my taste as I don't like to lay more than -133 but like I said I do like Oakland's line up and Montas is a better starter than Marquez even though Marquez'a last start was stellar and Montas's last start was so-so.

    Arizona at Texas
    3:40 pm start
    Arizona starts Bumgarner, Texas starts Lance Lynn.

    The game is a 'pick and for good reason, it's a toss up coin flip game.
    Both teams can rake, but the veteran future Hall of Fame Bumgarner is the better starter.
    Gun to head I would take the Snakes here with Bummy, but Arizona is a small lean for me only right now.

    Chicago White Sox at Cleveland
    6:10 pm start
    Chicago starts Giolito, Cleveland starts Pleasac.

    Giolito got shelled for the White Sox in his 2020 debut giving up seven earned against the hard hitting Twins.
    Cleveland (who I picked to win the AL Central) is what I thought they would be at 4-1 and starts Dan Pleasac's kid Zach. (God I'm getting old when I remember the father of the kid who's pitching today.)
    Both teams have good line ups.

    The game is pretty much a man to man 'pick, I think Giolito bounces back for the White Sox however I can't fade Cleveland at home especially when the Tribe are home dogs.
    I can make a case to bet Cleveland too so I'm steering clear of this game as if the Indians win it wouldn't surprise me even though I think Giolito bounces back.
    Colorado Rockies at Oakland Athletics
    Wed 7/29 901 Colorado Rockies +1 -150+2 -240-1 +200-2 +310+1 -113 +134 o7 -115o8 +100o7 -155o8 +120o6 -195 o3 -105 u3 -115
    3:40PM 902 Oakland Athletics -1 +130-2 +200+1 -240+2 -370-1 -107 -144 u7 -105u8 -120u7 +135u8 -140u6 +168 o4 +120 u4 -140
    Arizona Diamondbacks at Texas Rangers
    Wed 7/29 903 Arizona Diamondbacks +1 -185+2 -280-1 +170-2 +260+1 -138 +101 o8 -115o8 +105o7 -135o9 +130o7 -185 o3 -130 u3 +110
    4:05PM 904 Texas Rangers -1 +160-2 +240+1 -200+2 -320-1 +118 -111 u8 -105u8 -125u7 +115u9 -150u7 +160 o4 +120 u4 -140
    Chicago White Sox at Cleveland Indians
    Wed 7/29 905 Chicago White Sox -1 +135-2 +200+1 -225+2 -350-1 +103 -117 o9 -110o10 +110o9 -140o10 +125o8 -165 o4 -115 u4 -105
    6:10PM 906 Cleveland Indians +1 -155+2 -240-1 +185-2 +290+1 -123 +107 u9 -110u10 -130u9 +120u10 -145u8 +145 o4 +105 u4 -125
    The night games (or as I refer to them as the main slate) are interesting.
    Like I mentioned Cole goes tonight for the Bombers at an astronomical price of -340.
    Max goes for the Nats, Charlie Morton goes for the red hot Rays.
    Can the Reds start to get it together tonight?
    Can the Brews bounce back?

    My favorite team the Royals start my personal favorite Royal the Duff man tonight.
    Putting my heart aside and thinking with my wallet I think KC is in a good spot there.

    I'll add to this thread later.
    I had a bad day yesterday going 1 and 2 (verifiable) losing 1.1*
    I am 6-3 for the season so far (verifiable) and up 3..2*
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    GL Nasher..
    Thanks for Clev yesterday
    Any thoughts on Mil/Pitt over 8.5?

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    i can't do the yankees on the road at -340 against anyone. their bats are not hitting right now. granted they do hit well in baltimore but to me not worth the money i have to put down to make it worth the bet.

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    Good for a two team parlay. Maybe yanks / Mets

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    Baltimore can win this game. Cole is not proven agaist O's.

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