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    Bubonic plague-Mongolia

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    Treatable according to globaltimes.com

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    Fear mongering.

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    i'll stop ordering the mongolian beef

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    There's an average of 5-10 bubonic plague cases in the US every year and you rarely hear about it. It reacts to antibiotics effectively. Fear mongering is right.

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    Should be more worried about where your pharmaceutical ingredients are being manufactured...
    Not the meds themselves but the ingredients that go into them..
    That and the lack of strict protocol while being made...

    Just sayin..

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    Bubonic Chronic is more like it
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    I swear every news organization must employ a big team that soley focuses on finding little blips in far reaching areas to use as potential fear mongering porn. They also are real skilled at leaving out any deeper contextual information that might put a news consumer at ease.

    Murder hornets are carrying bubonic plague and the new swine flu and the hornets are targeting antifa to infect, the infected rioters will be compelled to get on a bus to your city, hang nooses all around and then loot your small businesses and rape all your womenfolk!