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    Quarterbacks in Free Agency: NFL Updates and Predictions

    While the public likely perceives Brady as an upgrade to the Tampa Bay offense, advanced metrics actually point to the under being a solid play on Tampa Bay’s seasonal win total.
    What are your predictions for those quarterbacks with a new home like Brady, Rivers, Bridgewater Foles? Where will Newton and Winston end up?

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    I think Dalton with end up with the Patriots.

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    My Colts with Phillip Rivers??? We have no WRs? THey still have pick #34, but the top 7-8 guys will be gone by then. TY Hilton is about done. He's always banged up and doesn't do much when he plays. Whats wrong with Teddy Bridgewater? I guess they didn't want to commit to multiple years with the current free agent QBs. I think they could've moved up and got Herbert if they wanted him. All I see Rivers delivering is more 9-7 to 7-9 bs and losing first playoff game if they make it.