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    I'm good buddy. I stopped opiates benzos alcohol end of 2012 cold turkey. Spent 2 weeks in psych ward and next few years recovering. It was indeed hell and I don't wish that on anyone. DTs and near death. Benzo withdrawal was worst after 25 yrs. Great drug but the cost of short term memory loss and sluggishness. Terrible.
    Wow. Iíve been through the ringer with all of them, but I still couldnít imagine going cold turkey off that combo. The DTís were terrifying enough for me. Though I was surprisingly calm in my diluted mind because it was like living in a dream, and I didnít even feel alive. I was pumped full of Ativan, yet they still kept going. Opiates are a breeze, but still suck when you know what will make you feel better, yet canít do it. Alcohol is fine with some benzos, but you had nothing to help you out, shit. Probably had every withdrawal symptom known to man. I bet it really did take years to recover from 25 years of benzos. Changes your whole brain chemistry in a matter of weeks, let alone years. Glad youíre better now. 2012 was when I was just starting my run outside of booze, and occasional benzos, then I forgot the rest of my 20ís.

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    I'm still recovering and yes, so hard to cope when you know what will make all better.

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    I donít doubt it. Those PAWS can seemingly last a lifetime. Iíll probably never be fully clean of opiates without MAT, because I just canít function well enough with the lingering withdrawal symptoms that never seem to leave. So be it, I made my bed, and shall now lie in it. Hopefully in time, those lingering effects will fade for you.

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    No fans players and officials. Get tested. Stay in quarantine during the days spent

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    Easy call unfortunately...

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