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    Do the Grizzlies stand a chance at New Orleans?

    Hot team but some boneheads got suspended just in time for a big Western Conference showdown with playoff implications.

    Jaren Jackson suspended, Brandon Clarke probably out, and Zion Williamson getting more and more minutes.

    Brooks, Morant, and Valunciunas can definitely step up but more than one of the Pelicans would have to have a cold night I would think.
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    It's not what they bring...
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    It's a tough one dlow, I feel like that line gets middled and that NO wins by like 5 or 6 down the stretch.

    NO a contrarian play, according to my methods, even though money and tickets are on them and the line has moved their way.

    It just stinks of a back door bullshit Friday night cover.

    My raw forecast has NO winning by 3 points, so be careful here.

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    Did we win?
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    It is the NBA, literally your grandma and four of her friends could win on any given night in the NBA

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    Every NBA team has a chance against the Pelicans this year.. Pelicans are 10 games under .500 now. Their star rookie Zion isn't gonna change the team dynamics over night..


    Date Home/Away Opponent Time
    1/31 @ New Orleans 5:00 PM PST
    1/22 @ Boston L 119 - 95
    1/24 @ Detroit W 125 - 112
    1/26 vs Phoenix W 114 - 109
    1/28 vs Denver W 104 - 96
    1/29 @ New York W 127 - 106

    Grizz have won 4 games in a row also and a .500 record team..

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    +7.5 mem

    for me

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    Quote Originally Posted by WalkingLuckCharm View Post
    +7.5 mem

    for me
    Yup the safer bet for sure is the +7.5 rather then just the ML bet.. Can bet both..

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    Clarke would be a huge loss. Pelicans dominated them last time even without Zion or Favors

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    +8 and the ML for me. Small plays for both.

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    Monster total.