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    Quote Originally Posted by dmncnlou View Post
    This Super Bowl sucks! Im sure Im gonna fall asleep in the 1st quarter.
    You didn't fall asleep last year in the Superbowl?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lakerboy View Post
    Just too good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThaTopMoron View Post
    the last team who really cruised into the SB with 2 home wins was the Falcons... who then blew a 28-3 SB lead
    Which team really was the one to "cruise" into this game? Niners who were never down in either of their two home wins or KC who had to come back from 24 and 10 point deficits to win....

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    My coin is on the 9ers.. Hope so!!
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    pakiboy on niners. chiefs it is!

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