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    college bowl systems?

    what do we have for college bowl systems?... big change in recent years is star players sitting out as to not harm nfl draft prospects.

    if memory serves correct, lots of success with system based on the run... teams that run more and/or are better at run (offense and run defense) do well.

    fade big name teams with very disappointing seasons....... miami-florida?

    teams that had amazing over-achieve season often come back to earth.. also, teams with great success based on unique play get figured out ...... minnesota? baylor? utah?.

    i would look for players who may not play due to NFL draft............. washington junior QB eason? no obvious other name/team right now

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    is eason supposed to be coming out? that would be a shock when Id watch games mostly later in the year its was always negative talk about him

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    I highly doubt Eason would sit out Coach Peterson's last game.