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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Bear View Post
    Alex Bregman was cocky because he knew what pitches were coming
    Alex Bregman has hired Scott Boras as his new agent.

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    For Tom Brady being the greatest football player in the history of the NFL by far, and not even close, you'd think he'd be much more cocky. Rodgers is way cockier, it's not even close. Even players that haven't won shit, like Cam Newton, are cockier than Brady. Brady has said all the right things his whole career, so I don't understand that pick. Antonio Brown, and if you want to go to the past, you got TO, you got PrimeTime, you got Reevis. Richard Sherman? Cocky as hell. Jordan and Kobe were super cocky too. Lebron. Bird. Brady is nothing compared to those guys, and has won more than all of them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bcatswin View Post
    Antonio Brown???
    I'd say he's more insane than arrogant.

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    Kyrie Irving tops my list.

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