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    SBR Fantasy football ideas and contests

    Here are some contest ideas Drew!!!

    Everyone feel free to give ideas.

    1 Blackjack: kickers only . You can pick 1 or more and whoever gets 21 wins or closest. If you bust you are eliminated fg=3 xp = 1 Gostskowski gets 3 fg and 3 xp that would be 12 pts as an example

    2. Confidence points for players. Have 10 questions. The one you feel most confident you would put a 10, and least you would put a 1. So one question would be, Who has the most passing yards in week 1.
    Big Ben will have more passing yards then Drew Brees, another could be, Chubb has more rushing yards then Gurley.
    If you are confident that Ben would, then you would put a high number on him.Each one you get correct, you add those pts and that will be your total

    3 Fantasy Matchup : from one of the sbr leagues. Post all 12 teams, then we predict who will win, or post a matchup, we pick who wins and pick the total of points

    4. 2 week contest: Pick 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te 1 k, 1d ppr scoring, or whatever we agree on. We can limit the entries. But if we have lets say 40 entries. The bottom 4 would be eliminated after week 2. Then 2-4 more after week 4 until we have the last 2 standing.

    5. Double elimination survivor. You can lose one week but still play, Eliminated after you lose twice.

    6. Sbr fantasy league on espn or yahoo. 10-12 teams. Only touchdowns count. Td only league

    7. Pick which team you think will score the most and least amount of points..You take the points scored - the pts from the least and that will be your point total

    8. Pick a andom number lets say, 27. The first poster to guess a team and gets the team score correct wins.

    9. Negative yards. This could last as long as a no hitter contest. You pick a rb that will have negative yardage total for a game. Likely a 3rd string rb

    Will think of more later. Time for some bbq
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    Thank you tt.. some of these ideas we have live already and some we can certainly consider. Appreciate the post!! Just another reason SBR Nation is the best on the web!!

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