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    Im over here now
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    Sweet Lou!!!

    116-108 clips up with 43 sec. left, Russell hits a 3 for Nets, Nets get the ball again and convert a 3 pt play 2 pt game now. Nets get it again and score on a dunk tied game with 5 sec. left. Lou dancing 4 feet behind the 3pt line and lets it fly, swish. geez game shouldnt have been that close up 8 with 40 sec. left
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    Fine by me I had Nets +5.5
    175 pts

    SBR TRIVIA WINNER 12/02/2021

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    Golden fleece
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    Was on the Nets +5.5 and felt hopeless until what you laid out transpired

    Had I been on the clips spread I'd be so effin pist right now. those ones hurt like hell

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    had nets spread ml and 2nd half only lost 4k on the game would of lost a lot more if they didn't make that miraculous comeback at the end

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    These tribe of lazy Clippers gost me $500.in singles and parlays. Up14 and just win with a near buzzer 3. BUllshit, more non called fouls in this game as refs couldnt wait to get the phuck out of there. BUllshit product the NBA has become and will be for many years. Phucking sick of this absoulte ghetto sport

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    We all have to thank great NBA minds like David Stern and Adam Silver

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    Have a nice day :)
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    Saw that buzzer beater.. Nice shot game winner from 3 fading to the side.. Might be the best player on this no name Clipper team that's gonna cruise on into the playoffs..

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    jTOLER....Thanks for the recap. Missed the ending.
    Had a lot riding on the game.

    WOOT...Great Nets WIN!!

    Big play on Nets "C" level and
    Last leg of a 5 teamer.

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    Blew a 10pt lead in the space of a minute. Poor effort really... started poor, finished poor. Not such a bad beat when you think of it in those terms.