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    Eagles sending Michael Bennett to the Pats.

    According to the Philadelphia Inquirer's Jeff McLane, the two sides are still ironing out the compensation, but the deal is going to happen. The Eagles were reportedly willing to cut Bennett to get his $7.2 million cap hit off their books, so getting anything back in a trade is good business. Without knowing the compensation, this also looks like a good trade for the Patriots, who will get an aging (33) but still productive pass rusher at a relatively cheap price. Bennett is not a perfect replacement for the likely departing Trey Flowers but he will go a long way to filling that hole.

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    Very surprised, as Bennett does not seem like a Belichick player. Lots of personal fouls and confrontations on the field. I don't see this one lasting. They did have his brother for a season.

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    What did the eagles get back?

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    Agree SS, at times it has worked well for them and others after awhile haven't worked out.

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    Bad deal. The Pats got an old injury prone player past his prime.
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