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    Thinking about flying to Vegas to make a 10k future bet on

    Boston Celtics to win the EAST. Where can I find Vegas odds on that in LV?

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    Ross Weinberg
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    Way da go dude

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    The great game of POT...LIMIT...OMAHA
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    Donít do it. You will have to pay 25% income tax if it wins.

    If youíre going to bet that much, buy 10k of bitcoin, split among top online books, sell 10k bitcoin and then sell for wire or cash on Localbitcoins with the profits.

    Iím sorry but I donít believe year to year we should be required to pay tax on GAMBLING winnings. Had to pay $3000 on a 15k W2G poker tourney win in 2016. 2016 won overall. 2017? Easily down 10k canít write that off though like you can with stock investments. Absolute bullshit penetrate America someone get me a EU VIZA Better culture more fun cheap flights /rant
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    Update your status
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    typical square...lol go to Vegas and get bad odds

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    Would Bookmaker take $10k cash in one of their CR spots?

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    Easy-Rider 66
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    Hey OP if you punch the ticket carve it up on about 4 $2500 wagers. GL.

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    juste gagner bebe'
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    might want to make a stop over in milwaukee

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    My suggestion: Lay off this team.
    Underperformed all year.
    Came up small in "big" games time after time. Some horrific losses as well.
    Have no identity.

    I was extremely excited for this season and had high expectations.
    Now, not so much.

    The 2008 team would take this version to the woodshed.

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    Not a good bet. Toronto could beat them or Milwaukee

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    Or fly to the UK and pay no tax on gambling winnings lol
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    big joe 1212
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    How about you give me 5k, I’ll kick you in the nuts, then we’ll call it even