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    Quote Originally Posted by DJK View Post
    Why do you keep on lying to yourself by saying "Not that I care" all the time?

    If you didn't care, then you wouldn't respond to people's posts. Obviously, you do care and you have a very sensitive heart.

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    For those who are thinking that US laws can change anything. Prostitution is illegal, marijuana is/was illegal, alcohol was/is illegal.... well the list is long and has a longer history than US exist. How successful the governments and imperators have been trough history. Well, we can drink, we can smoke, we can bet, and if we want we can also f...
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    Prostitution is way way down they clean the ton of it up

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    The irony of a pro gambling forun who's members overwhelming support the anti gambling party

    What ever happened to don't tread on me?

    We are grown adults and should have no one tell us how to spend our cash.
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    Just as we expected, had something to do with that jerk Adelson

    Justice Department’s Reversal on Online Gambling Tracked Memo From Adelson Lobbyists

    Analysis sent to Justice Department argued that 2011 opinion that helped online gambling was wrong

    The legal reasoning behind the Justice Department’s unusual reversal this week of an opinion that paved the way for online gambling hewed closely to arguments made by lobbyists for casino magnate and top Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.


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    Means nothing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by funnyb25 View Post
    Means nothing?

    Just knew Adelson was behind it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hman View Post
    Just knew Adelson was behind it

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    The Justice Department can issue all the memos they want on how they interpret it, but the Courts will have the final say in what the law actually means. They had already been following precedent from 2011 standards and courts rarely like to change how they have been ruling before.

    Also, from my memory, the Supreme Court in the Christie v NCAA decision touched on the wire act and from what I remember (what was discussed in the commentary), they appeared inclined to interpret it that it only applies to illegal sports betting (i.e., it's not a violation if betting is legal in that state) if such a case ever appeared at their door.

    Overall, I think this memo will get shot full of more holes than Swiss Cheese if they try to actually enforce it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sourtwist View Post
    Only half way thru January

    But this post of yours might be the dumbest post of 2019

    If we were to believe the hype being spread last year, by now the sky should have fallen and the internet made obsolete or exorbitantly expensive, as Banksy implied, from the lack of oversight. But that has not been the case. Instead of costs skyrocketing or connection speeds slowing down, things have actually gotten much better.

    According to Recode, internet speeds actually have increased nearly 40 percent since net neutrality was abolished. Uninhibited by government regulations, service providers have been free to expand their fiber optic networks, allowing for greater speed.

    People need to know wtf they are talking about before making posts that look like a 5 year old made them.
    Wrong. Ive noticed over the last year or so that certain sites don't run as fast as they used to. Most of the reason for getting rid of net neutrality is to eliminate piracy or sharing so that big entertainment companies can charge you for everything and make it harder to access things for free online by slowing down the speed.
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