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    Gennady Golovkin vs Saul Alvarez fight of the year

    Who win the rematch

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    Grits n' Gravy
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    Leaning ggg but have a weird feeling about it.

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    Joe Sharp
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    Under 11.5 +180

    Neither one of these guys wants this to go the distance and to leave it in the judges hands. Lots of animosity and shit talking leading up to the fight. Each throw bombs without a ton of defense... I think one of them goes down hard.

    Good luck

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    Took GGG by decision +235. I know these two will want a knockout, but I don't see a knockout, especially if it gets to the later rounds and both sides will want to just protect. It's either a knockout by round 4-5 with a perfect punch or it goes to decision IMO and lean the latter. With that said, GGG hasn't shown signs of slowing down and I don't see reason to fade him.

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