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    Brad hand you worthless piece of shit!!!

    Another choke job

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    One of my favorite things about SBR is seeing the thread titles start out like this.

    Not laughing at the OP, I'm laughing because I've been that guy more times than I can remember.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikid2groove415 View Post
    Another choke job

    Child Please!
    The Padres.
    You were always the loudest, dumbest kid on the short bus
    and nothing has changed.

    Cubs = Easy money,

    You are a born loser...Better blame Hedges while your crying the blues...

    $375.00 $300.00 Win 7/13/18 10:10pm MLB Baseball 911 Chicago Cubs -125* vs San Diego Padres (T Chatwood - R must Start C Richard - L must Start)


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    I could not name 10 baseball players if that is who it is