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    Quote Originally Posted by klemopixx View Post
    The first season of True Detective was great too. .
    Still haven’t seen this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadymcgrady View Post
    The wire, not even close
    I concur. Although hype wise Sopranos will always prevail.
    Took me a second look, years later to get into The Wire.

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    I always thought the Sopranos was one of the most overrated shows ever. Everyone shit on the series finale. The only great episode was when they were chasing the guy in the woods during the winter, eating mints and ketchup packets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikid2groove415 View Post
    Child please? You donít think the American government let drugs into the states? Lolololol - it creates jobs - whoís the number 1 customer for drugs? Itís Americans !!!! Billion dollar industry tax free ? America can send 100,000 Troops to Iraq but not Mexico ?

    That's why it'll never end. Everyone has their hand in the cookie jar too. Cops, judges, politicians, the people on the street are the tip of the iceberg. The cops are there to pick their pockets and pick up the bodies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadymcgrady View Post
    Sopranos peaked after season 3 and never got better but regressed. If not for the early stages of hbo popularity sopranos would be an afterthought

    Looking back, boardwalk empire, game of thrones and most likely westworld all easily surpass sopranos. The same cannot be said for the wire
    Shady man I donít think you could be more wrong. Sopranos s4 thru 6 are incredible...I highly recommend rewatching as you miss so many foreshadowing moments of Tonyís demise with one viewing. The writing and acting of sopranos are what makes it #1 for me over the wire- gandolfini as tony is the GOAT acting performance.

    Boardwalk not even a top 5 show for me. Westworld is straight trash now. Breaking bad is easy top 4 but lacks the realism that sopranos/wire have- grow up Peter Pan, count chocula. Rewatching true detective s1 right now (first time since it originally aired), might be the best season of tv ever. Shame season 2 was garbage.

    LOST seasons 1-4 can compete with anyone.

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    Both are great, easily top 3 along with Breaking Bad and honorable mention to Banshee. I'd rewatch The Wire first myself.

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    Sopranos then Breaking Bad

First 12