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    France -210 to win WC

    Your hands are tied now

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    I have Croatia at the same odds for $150 and I had Belgium at 8/1 as well ( would have been sick if they beat France). But yeah France is a huge favorite here so not much room to hedge really. The way Croatia played against England though shows the strength and character of their team, I truly think we have a chance here.

    If Argentina managed 3 goals against France, Croatia can surely score a couple, but France's speed and transition game especially with 19 year old Mbappe who is a future juggernaut is off the charts. Croatia has a sick midfield game and will probably do most of the attacking and ball control and France will try to play it off like they did against Belgium in those quick transitions.

    Population of only 4 million and in the World cup finals is insane! We definitely have a chance. They absolutely demolished England in the 2nd half. I was really impressed with the conditioning of those guys.

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