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    Quote Originally Posted by SEAHAWKHARRY View Post
    It's a money maker
    I've cashed in 625 in bitcoin since November
    Only idiots turn away free cash
    Green rooms in Vegas
    All Gamblers love +even
    harry remind me to follow you during football

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    No problem I did very well last year
    Btw never trust my Seahawk Bets I'm a fu kkin Lame homer on those .But everything else is getting better and better every year .And im going to tje football conferences in Augs to gain more info.

    Btw my post on the Dodgers to fade em..of course today they win 7-0 bats woke up..toom em live -4 to cover my Marlins fade Doyers play.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clutchut12 View Post
    Dodgers will get it together probably a good time to tail them,i see a 12 out 15 game streak coming.
    What a fkin comeback tonight,like i said above these fkers too talented to stay at the bottom of the fkin barrel.i needed them bad tonight with the mets and they had a hell of a comeback too.

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