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    Nikola Jokic

    I've been paying attention to him this year a little bit, he's 101 percent legit.
    He's a different breed of centers.

    NBA is the only league where I don't have a favorite team, not a Denver fan by any stretch, but they bitched slapped a pretty good Bucks team tonight, on the road, they're still not a real good road team yet, but they have won the last two on the road, if you consider the Suns an NBA team.

    Starting to think at this point the Nuggets are a game back from the division leading Wolves, and a game back form third place. Legit playoff team, led by Jokic.

    Jokic's a doube/double waiting to happen every night, like I said I'm not a homer of any team., I'm stats, number, geeky geek dude.
    http://www.espn.com/nba/boxscore/_/id/400975611 (11 for 14 shooting, 3 for 3 from 3 point land, 5 for 5 free throw shooting, 30 points, 15 rebounds, 17 assists)

    He had a triple/triple tonight by half time. I mean seriously, who does that? (OK Westwood, but he's a point guard, not a seven foot pivot man)

    Jokic leads Denver in assists and rebounds and is tied in scoring.
    I figured out why he only averages 18 points per game, because he's busy with 17 assists (tonight) he does average six assits per game.

    He's only has two full seasons in the league, so you can't compare him with Drummond (yeah I'm not a big fan of Drummond, but he's one of the best rebounders of this generation, but right now the on centers I'd put over him are Cousins (when healthy) Drummond, who else? You want give me Townes, OK. Embid? Up and coming just like Jokic. Al Horford, give me a break, Dwight Howard is a puke, shows up when he feels like it, DeAndre Jordan was and still is a Pop boy, solid team player, not s Hall of Famer, but the consumate team player. Lastly two players that look like busts are Gortat and Gobert, Valanc... however you spell his name, and Stevie Adams plays like he belonged on the Dirty Bad Boys of the 80's Pistons (I like that) and the kid from Houston Capela looks like a definite keeper, oh and Whiteside won't live up to the hype.

    It's not a big man's game anymore. Now it's stop and pop from 28 feet in 10 seconds or less.
    My dad used to tell me about how Chamberlain got the accolaids but Bill Russell got the rings, and how Willis Reed came on to the floor barely standing......

    I guess I can tell my grand kids how Steph Curry can shoot from 32 feet and get nothing but net......

    I'm done, holy shit did I ever digree here, I am the king of digression so I'm told.
    Keep an eye on them Nuggets after the break, I'm not saying they're going to beat the Warriors or anything.
    Wait a minute, they beat them pretty good two weeks ago if that means anything.

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    The Nuggets will be real competitive when Paul Millsap comes back.

    I absolutely love Jokic. The guy is incredibly talented, and hasn't even turned 23 yet. I just worry about him getting hurt. Those big guys are so susceptible to leg injuries.

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    They're a nice up and coming team. I haven't seen a lot of them this season but I'm not sure if Murray is a natural PG. To compete for a title now you need great PG play. I've always thought of him as a SG. If he can hold down the point I like their chances a lot more.

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    Yes very legit

    I woudnt say different breed but a rare breed

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    He's the best passing centre since Sabonis. That's what sets him apart.

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    Denver could be a serious problem in playoffs
    Murray, gary harris, will barton, wilson chandler, trey lyles, millsap (injured) and jokic + mile high advantage... not sure if they're defense is up to par, but what team is?, but they offense is definitely there. joker needs to stay healthy, ive seen him turn his ankles several times but lately hes been good to go