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    Le'Veon Bell Does Not Report To Camp

    The Pittsburgh Steelers reported for camp Wednesday, but LeíVeon Bell was not among those checking in. The two-time Pro Bowl running back is upset with his contract situation after receiving the franchise tag earlier in the year and is officially holding out from training camp.

    Many holdouts have the goal of negotiating a new contract, but the Steelers canít give Bell a new deal after failing to reach a long-term deal prior to the July 17 deadline. No matter how long Bell sits out of practice, itís just a show of displeasure and canít result in the contract he believes he deserves.

    However, there will be no ramifications for Bell missing time. Because he hasnít yet signed his franchise tender, he isnít under contract and canít be punished for sitting out.

    While he told ESPN that he plans to play a full 16-game regular season, Bell can report to training camp whenever he wants and that means the Steelers may not see him until mid-to-late August, according to Adam Schefter.

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    He'll be playing

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    Why would he?

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    He can do what he wants

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    I often side with the player, but this guy is lucky he has a job.

    He's one more infraction away from becoming Josh Gordon.
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    Next guy up
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    guy has to serve suspensions to start 2015 and to start 2016

    team sticks by him

    guy finally doesn't get arrested or miss drug tests...

    decides to just not show up

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    Guy is lazy and relying on god given talent. Thinks he can show up anytime and still be welcomed by team officials and he is right.

    This would never happen on a Belichick coached team.

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    He has a few more good years then diamond dozen

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    Fuk him druggie

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    Unlike players who are under contract, the Steelers can’t fine running back Le’Veon Bell $40,000 a day.

    But coach Mike Tomlin suggested there’s still some price to pay.

    Via Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the Steelers coach used the words “consequences” when talking about his star running back’s contract-related absence.

    “There is no question we are a group that values the team-building process,” Tomlin said. “And doing it in this setting, so yes, there is value, and yes, there are consequences for not being here. That’s the reality of it.”

    Asked to specify what those consequences might be, Tomlin said: “They’re untold as we sit here.”

    If the Steelers wanted to take the nuclear option, they could always pull the $12.1 million franchise tag. But that would make the central component of their offense a free agent immediately, so they obviously would be hesitant to do that.

    But since he’s not signed, he can’t be fined. He also skipped all the voluntary work throughout the spring, and they didn’t necessarily expect him.

    That doesn’t mean they don’t want him sooner rather than later.

    “Obviously I would like for him to be here,” Tomlin said. “He is not. I am going to focus my energies on the guys who are. It’s an unfortunate circumstance, one that we’ll deal with, one that he’ll deal with. I’ve had good clean communication with him. I’ll keep the nature of that conversation between us. Rest assured he’ll be ready to play football. When he gets here, he gets here.”

    Other players have also begun to prod Bell, but if the Steelers want him there, they can always prove their feelings toward Bell financially.

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    This guy is either injured or suspended half the time,maybe this might be something about nothing.

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    After the July 17 deadline to sign players with franchise tags to multi-year deals passed, information about the Steelers’ final offer to Bell leaked out.

    The team reportedly offered Bell a five-year deal with an annual average above the $12.1 million he’s set to make this season with some $30 million paid out over the first two years of that deal. Bell made it clear that the offer wasn’t to his liking by saying he’s “not in a rush” to sign a deal worth less than he feels he’s worth.

    Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported Friday that information didn’t make it to the people negotiating the deal until after they thought they’d agreed on a deal. Per Bouchette, the Steelers “thought they came to terms with [Bell’s] agent on a five-year deal” and were “baffled” when Bell rejected it with the deadline about to pass.

    As with the initial leak of terms, this bit of information appears to be designed to paint the team as having been reasonable in negotiations while Bell was unwilling to commit to a deal. That fits with the general tone from the team of late about Bell hurting himself by not reporting to camp despite being under no obligation to do so.

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    I totally understand how some one with La'bia Bell's talent deserves mo'money! They way he can take the 12 inch rock and not squeal is truly an amazing feat. When he takes it up to the GUT and casually takes the Balls and All with lil or no problem is worth 15 million. Hope the Steelers pimp him out and put that Flapping Gash in his place.Nobody cares about you La'bia. You screwed with the wrong franchise. This family owns your dumb ars. That's right OWNS you! Kneel down and watch the games from your whore house while your wet slit drips on the floor.Been a problem will continue to be a problem! Give Colin Kap a call.