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    Horse Racing Index 7/8/17

    Howdy Folks,

    Been about 9-10 months since my last post. Did real well with the horses here last year, and after a slow start this year things have picked up. In 2017 Exatca wagers are hitting a +7% ROI, and Win bets have gotten a +17% ROI.

    Here's the link to get the races I believe offer the best value today. Including two Grade 1's at Belmont and a Grade 3 at Delaware.


    FWIW: I use the "Conditional Wagering" feature at Twinspires to make my win bets. I use 7/1 or higher at 0 minutes to post for my A-Ranked horse and 10/1 or higher at 0 minutes to post for the B-C-D-E Ranks.

    At the bottom of the sheet you can find Wager Bundles and how to maybe use my Index to bet Exacta's, Trifecta's and (if your feeling it) Superfecta's.

    Best Of Fortune!

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    See you at winner's circle. Good Luck, doc!

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    whatever that spreadsheet is it looks sharp

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    Yeah Doc you were on Fire last year here. GL today.

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    Doc I am glad you are back sir - good luck