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    Michael Johnson vs. Justin Gaethje!!!

    Might be the best MMA fight I've ever seen

    Need to do it again, great matchup

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    It was a great fight.

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    Insane fight would love to see Gaethje vs McGregor lol

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    Johnson had his chance to put him away but damn that kid is tough.

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    Mac would sleep Justin fast. Mac is too smooth hits too hard.

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    That was two guys going for it.. Loved that fight!!!!

    Best fight of the year for me.. Justin might be my favorite fighter also just because of how he fights. Fearless and aggressive, it works for him for now..

    His chin isn't granite but it holds up just enough for him to win fights. Gaethje reminds me of a young Ruthless Robbie Lawler a bit.... Justin still might be more ruthless though .

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