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    OK u are right......I just found this thread but we all should have been on them from day 1.....I hope they keep it up! killing it.....I have betting MLB cause its so win one..lose one! except the dodgers . I was on Houston for a little bit but their bullpen is god awful! They were up 7-0 one game and lost! they will be done in the playoffs...pitching wins championship! so screw every other MB team...go LA Dodgers!

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    The brew crew 78-59 on the run line best in majors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pilebuck13 View Post
    The brew crew 78-59 on the run line best in majors.
    Where are you getting that at?

    Brewers are 62-50 on the RL. Only a 2.2% ROI.


    Dodgers are still the best SU and RL team.

    SU: 14.3% ROI
    RL: 11.6%

    Dodgers started the year 9-11. Since then, they are 70-21. That is a 77% win percentage. Their games should be priced at -330 or so. Books still haven't caught on. They must be getting smoked by the Dodgers.

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    Typical Nash thread
    Buried, then disappears
    One of the worst ever

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    Dodgers lefty Clayton Kershaw was scheduled to throw three innings in a simulated game on Monday. That simulated game went so well, he threw an extra inning, MLB.com’s Ken Gurnick reports. Kershaw will make a minor league rehab start next and could be activated towards the end of next week.

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