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    Harry N. Lloyd
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    Another Steve Stevens Turns Out To Be A Flaming D-Bag!

    What are the odds? This wingnut in Cleveland sharing the same name as the despicable tout from Vegas. Btw, the psycho from Cleveland supposedly went off the rails in part because he had gambling problems. Maybe he a was following the advice of the other Steve.

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    I noticed that irony. Maybe people will now confuse "Darren" w/ this current Steve Stevens.

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    I used to watch the show that guy had on cable. Pretty damn funny to watch his "locks" lose people 10s of thousands of dollars.

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    Anyone with the same/similar first and last name is a d-bag. On a related note, I am always afraid that someone with my name will become a notorious killer. It would suck to be a Steve Stevens today.

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    Holy schmokes first Phil Mickelson and now this guy in gambling debt, this gambling world is evil!