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    Question for the Puck Heads?

    I love NHL playoff hockey, NHL is a good product, but between baseball, and NFL, and then hoops I have no time to follow it.

    I can tell you the superstars and the top notch goal tenders, but that's about it.

    1) Who's the best team in the tourney, the team expected to win it all?
    Caps? Black Hawks? Penguins again?

    2) Who's the under the radar sleeper team that can steal the cup.
    I understand if a goal tender gets hot in April and May he can carry his team to the finals, any sleeper net keepers to keep an eye on?

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    I don't really follow NHL but like to follow in playoffs, would like to know a lot of this info also.

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    Boston. They will be in the final. Oilers on the other side

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    Best road team in the league by far
    They've beat the Top 5 teams all on the road this year , 28-12 away record which is sick
    Better away than home , the man in the pipes , if on, he can carry them there in my opinion

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    Not a puck head Nasher... but I like Edmonton Game 2

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    Rangers and Sharks are great sleeper teams. Rangers for the reasons stated above, and Lundqvist knows that he is on borrowed time. They also have a VERY nice road to the cup. It's never easy to get to the cup, but they definitely have the easiest road to do so. Blackhawks are your best team in my opinion. I have them tonight to close out a 3 team parlay. Am also going to put more on them straight up and over 2.5 goals as well. They are a different animal in the playoffs man. Ride them tonight

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    penetrate me to tears
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    Sorta in nashes same boat, playoffs r cool regular season doesn't do it for me