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    The left side of the bracket

    So were left with Florida, Wisconsin, Xavier, South Carolina, Baylor and gonzaga...an 8, a 4 an 11, a 7, a 3 and a 1. Little disappointing that one of these teams will be in the title game. The right side is stacked with known brands and much more talent. Wish we could shift a couple teams from the right to the left. Feel like that national semi on the right side should be for it all. Many great potential matchups there between legit contenders. I know all the teams on the left won and deserve there spot because if it but it's just weird to see a collection of teams and seeds like that. I guess it's more the east region that completely fell apart. It was too heavy with those top two seeds and we get neither of them in the round of 16 which really watered down that side of the bracket. Just not sure I recall a tourney when there's been such a weak group of teams left like this. I'll still be watching though.

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    A big team usually wins and probably will happen again

    All the National powers right there stll

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    Mackballs - You must be old? You're looking at old blue bloods with storied histories that mean nothing in the 21st century. Which team do you think has had more success since 2000, UCLA or Wisconsin? UK or Florida? Oregon or Gonzaga? Hell, Florida has been just as good since 2000 than even UNC and much, much, much better than Kansas.

    Wisconsin has been in the last 19 tourneys, 10 Sweet Sixteens and 3 Final Fours. They have 4 Seniors and 2 Juniors on a team that made the Elite 8 last year as well as National Championship runners up the year before that and they made the Final 4 the year before that. So you have a team with most of their guys with Final 4 AND Title game experience.

    Florida was on their way to a #2 seed before they lost their big guy, Egbunu. With Egbunu this veteran team was certain to make a Final 4 run. They too have 8 seniors and juniors and several seniors have Final 4 experience. The Gators are the last team to win back to back titles and have been a national power for the last 3 decades.

    Xavier has been in 11 of the last 12 tourneys. They also have 8 seniors and juniors with sweet 16 experience. Xavier is the 17th most valuable NCAA team. They generate more money than many P5 teams.

    Gonzaga - 8 Sr/JRs, 19 straight tourneys, 9 straight round of 32, 3 straight Sweet 16 and 2 of the last 3 Elite 8's. If you don't know Gonzaga, you don't know basketball. They are one of the most popular brands in the NCAA.

    Baylor - 8 Sr/JR's made 5 of the last 6 tourneys including a Sweet 16.

    South Carolina has 6 Sr's/Jr's led by Senior Thornwell but yes they do not have any history in March.

    What games on the right do you think should be the national title game? UK/UCLA? the Gators blew that UK team the fukk out. Kansas, UNC and UK ALL cannot win games unless they are at home and have their paid off refs in attendance. Put them bums on neutral sites with unbiased refs and they get their asses kicked. UNC should have lost to Arkansas but the powers to be wouldn't let it happen. Kansas looks legit this year but UNC and UK are both fraudulent.

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    Florida can beat anyone except Vandy. Sitting on them at 30/1 from a mid season wager. Hard for a Tennessee fan to say this but go Gators!!

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    Gonzaga has no excuse.