AZ because Bluiett will be hounded by defenders all night. AZ has multiple athletic great defending guards. AZ has 3 7 footers. All versed in different ways. Trier has been ballin. This team is deep and super talented. AZ is 6-0 last 6 SU and ATS. Over 50% from the floor. Over 84% from ft. Over 40% from 3. Over 84 ppg.

Oregon over because both teams have been scoring at a high clip. I can't take a side here because there is something magical about this Michigan team. On the other hand Oregon finds ways to win. I see mismatches on both sides. Should be high scoring.

Kansas because they are basically at home. Yes I know they lost there to TCU in their conference tourney. Even more reason to think they won't lose again. Oh ya and don't forget Josh Jackson was out that game. Purdue has no one to stop him. He is also playing his best ball right now. Kansas guards will be guarded by slower less athletic guards. Should create issues all night. Will Swanigan go off? Yes. Will it be enough? No.