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    Best information sources for NCAA bracket

    Does anyone have some good sources of information they use when creating a NCAA bracket?

    I just checked out ESPN Insider's bracket tools but it's such basic stuff which results in them telling you to pick pretty much every favorite. I'm looking for some information from someone who's actually knowledgable and can provide a good angle for picking bracket upsets. Any info is appreciated.

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    honestly just pick what you've seen and go with your gut imo

    its usually just some random person picking mascots or team colors every year that has the best bracket etc
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    Find out who SBR is on and fade them

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    I'll be using my usual statfox, will probably take a look at fivethirtyeight as well.

    Also going to split my brackets up over the course of a day, picking 63 games non-stop causes me to stop caring half way through because I'm tired of doing it

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    Why use anything

    Pick many dogs