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    Mr KLC
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    Well, It's The End Of Another Black History Month

    Have you learned anything new in the last 28 days?

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    Not over yet KFC. 3.5 hours left on the East coast. People in Hawaii have 8.5 hours. So there's hope.

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    The Giant
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    I laugh whenever I see the white players wearing the Black History Month shirts.

    I'm pretty sure they do too when they're putting it on.

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    Got to remember all of the local greats who parked in the fire lane and walked really slow in the middle of the parking lot
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    Good work to all

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    Kids lean about the same 5 famous blacks every dang year

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    Black History Month Matters

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    Did we win?
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    I learned that LeBron is good at basketball, up until they ran 1,000 commercials about all his accomplishments on the court I had no idea.

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    I remembered that Michelle Obama is a racist btch

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    They pick the shortest month on purpose for Black History month?