A FULL DEGEN parlay coming at you to throw away your weekend profits. I'll post the picks first with a brief description of my (laughable) reasoning for each game below. In case it's not obvious this is just for fun because I had a good weekend. Note: all odds are ML regular time.

Flames +165
Rangers +130
Oilers +190
Panthers +100
Blackhawks +110
Coyotes +160

Flames are still in playoff contention, hurricanes are not. Flames hot lately, hurricanes not. Lack had a shutout last game and in typically inconsistent fashion I expect he'll be total crap tonight.

Rangers are 5-1 in back to backs this season while blue jackets are 4-6 in back to backs. Been burned before betting on the jackets on a B2B and they've come out flat. Also after that huge 7-0 win last night I think they'll be checked out.

Oilers have McDavid, predators just have Carrie Underwoods purse holder. Also, preds on B2B.

Panthers are not gonna lose 3 straight at home. That's all.

Blackhawks are the blackhawks, plus they're on fire. Blues looked flat last couple games and just had a week off. I'm guessing they'll take a while to get back into it.

Last pick is the yotes. Now the yotes are awful and have basically been an auto fade for me all season but the Sabres are on a B2B and are 3-6 B2B this season. Every time I've bet on them they've been absolutely terrible, with their godawful play culminating in an unfathomable loss to the AVALANCHE last night. So at this point I'm basically just fading and hoping the yotes come to play tonight.