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    Afc vs.nfc super bowl line

    Afc to win the super.bowl.is a great bet. Brady is the best followed by Rodgers then big.ben. however..Pitts is a pick vs kc to get to.Afc conf game. Green bay is.playing on road as a 4.5 dog vs best nfc team. If grwe bay wins they need to.beat Atlanta on road as a dog. Bog.ben much better chance to.get to.confirm game then rodgers. I know gb is.playing great..howevwr...dallas.off line best in football...tight end solid..qb and rb are mvp.candidates. they have a much better offensive attack then gb..who has there number 2 weapon hurt nelson. I know Matt Ryan is a a mvp winner for unknown reasons..he.isn't big.ben.or.brady..in fact seattle.might.beat them this weekend. Afc is the pick. Just not sure how Dallas qb and rb do in super.bowl..both are rookies.

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    The public is expecting a Patriots vs Cowboys super bowl.
    Some are predicting a Steelers vs Packers super bowl.
    A super bowl rematch from 20 years ago Patriots vs Packers could happen.
    The AFC bet would be a good bet if the Cowboys make it, since they have a rookie offensive team.

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    Agreed. Pittsburgh is a pick st kc...gb is a 4 to 5 point dog vs dallas. I think Dallas wins and Pitts wins. Can't see green bay winning..I'll go further..if Vegas thought gb could win line would be 3..Dallas has 90 percent chance to win in my view. Too many offensive weapons...better line then gb....tight end and rb much better n healthy...Dallas home.

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    Feels like New England vs Green Bay.

    -2.5 is cheap and that's what NE probably wins by, a field goal