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    Chicago Bulls PK @ Bucks

    Pissed I didn't smash this line last night when I saw it was like +125. Wanted to know if Rondo was playing and he is. I see Wade and Butler going into their old college city and dominating. Butler will limit Giannis and force him into some bad passes. He's not a true PG but Jason Kidd seems to think he is. Kidd's rotations are some of the worst in the history of the NBA. Bulls blew a big lead last game and see them being focused from the start here. Bucks are an awful team and getting way too much love here at a PK against the Bulls who are a contender in the East and are rested.

    300 on this.

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    Kidd top 3 worst coaches in NBA

    Big edge there

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    Bulls putting in no effort