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    Great call

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    great call here

    OP is sharp

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    It's time to collect
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    Great Call Goat. Great Call

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    ...shout out to the haters, got a nice ring to it.... u got a lotta haters goat, but this was a great bet my man.

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    Art Vandelay
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    Had the Tigers as well! A bit on the stressful side but that made it even sweeter. Not sure what I enjoyed more: the win or Saban's face after the loss - Awesome stuff!

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    Goat Milk
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    Thx gents.

    Don't worry I like the haters. Most of them are nerds in real life anyway. People that still use words like fa-g. Used that word when I was 9. Heard 40 year old man use it on forum earlier.

    The ogs of this site know who they are. We discuss. They don't get their feelings hurt if I disagree.

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    bobbywaves aka the chosen one
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    Well played. Have you made any insurance bets on Alabama after the semifinals?

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