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    Colin Kaepernick doesn't know anything about history.

    I bet he thinks Pearl Harbor is a jewelry store.

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    the tides of stupidity already being turned back now that Obama is a lame duck. No more will there be a president in the white house that encourages dumb fuks like Kap to undermine the flag, police, and this country.
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    John Lynch has vouched for Colin Kaepernick‘s desire to play football throughout this offseason, but the new 49ers GM doesn’t think all of his peers believe him. Lynch said it would be in Kaepernick’s best interests to communicate these desires to remain in the league publicly.

    “I would tell you with my conversations with Colin, he is fully committed to wanting to be in this league,” Lynch said during an interview with San Francisco radio station KNBR (via Pro Football Talk). “I gave that opinion to Colin myself: ‘I think you are having a little bit of an image crisis in terms of, not so much what you did last year, but people are wondering: Is this most important to you?’ At a position where the guys who succeed at the position are the guys who live it, breathe it, the CEOs at that position. And I think there is a perception that football is not at the top of the list.”

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    Holy bump batman!!! I don't think anyone even gives this clown a second thought these days.. I know I don't...

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    Kap, just go away.

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    Nobody wants Kap as the QB.

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    Nothing new here...majority of black peeps aren't that bright.