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    Quote Originally Posted by daneblazer View Post
    Hope everyone enjoyed that Vikings/Bears game Monday. The fact I watched the entire thing says a lot about my pain tolerance
    I'm sorry you lost. I had the Bears and I enjoyed the entire game

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    Quote Originally Posted by sportsfan9698 View Post
    What a bunch of whiny bitches. I have been a fan of the NFL for 40 years and it still rocks. But if you wager and lose, you tend to not like it so much.
    well said lol

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    I Have an NFL Question, Just HOW THE FUK HAS SAM BRADFORD LASTED IN THE NFL SO LONG (6 Years)????? He has got to be just as Bad as Jarmarcus Russell and almost as bad as Ryan Leaf!!! I swear I've never seen a stiff QB Like That and to Go #1 Overall in 2010 and to have Made $109 Million to boot, We are the Dumb idiots for watching this CRAP!! Sam Bradford is a God dam JOKE OF A QB.

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