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    if we only knew

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skrilla777 View Post
    How can you call fixed on over 19 billion worth of market cap lots from 3rd world countries that are dealing with worse currency manipulation then China. It is a completely decentralized currency designed to be the hardest currency on the planet to manipulate and fix. Please don't let me hear some china controls it BS we are not talking about physical gold and it's effect on a currency and what china has been trying to do with it since the early 2000's with physical/tangible gold. We are talking digital gold which is and has been designed to be extremely difficult to manipulate. Now if BU gets market share then there is something to worry about with manipulation and BIG MONEY finding a way to make it happen but seeing as though they are still sitting under 37% miner share and at one point it was above 39 on a steady climb I'd say bitcoin is in a better spot then it's been showing latley when BU was gaining momentum. I was a little worried last month on that climb to 39% of manipulation possibility in the future but I'd say bitcoin is prob in the clear and for the first time having to even call it a buy cause's it always been up until BU started gaining real momentum. It's the furthest thing from fixed don't miss out on what could make you great money 10 years from now you will be kicking yourself for not buying in and thinking it's fixed.

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    It will be $200 again.

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    I doubt were ever gonna see $200. That being said, watch bitfinex in the coming days. They recently haulted usd deposits and withdrawals. The price on bitfinex is also much higher than on other usd exchanges which means people are trying to sell the usd they have there and get their money out. If bitfinex has a meltdown so will btc and just about every other crypto currency. It will be the mtgox days again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jjgold View Post
    why is it going up?

    Are the controllers trying to suck everyone in again to buy?
    Mr Odom bought low and sold high. Good score!

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    LTC may be the guinea pig for SegWit. There's a 75% activation threshold. If it hits that for 2 weeks, then it would fully activate 2 weeks after that. If SegWit works for LTC, then BTC will follow. The price of BTC will explode if SegWit is activated.

    Signalling SegWit for LTC.
    2225/3104 (71.68%) blocks signaling! 6048 out of 8064 (75%) blocks are required to activate.
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    The normal price correlations between BTC, LTC and ETH no longer exist.

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