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    Zackary > Angelito
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    No one here bets air

    No one would sign up for this site and waste time posting here if they weren't serious bettors

    Maybe some guys don't bet as much as they say but no one here is lying about betting

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    you can't speak for all the weirdos here

    we get guys that sign up and pretend to be girls

    we got guys that post pics of porn girls and pretend they are having an affair with her

    we have a guy that posts screenshots of him with a noose around his neck

    and we have


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    The Giant
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    I have air on this Toronto/Miami game.

    True story.

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    Some guys lose so many picks they have to be betting air or they would be broke

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    Update your status
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    yeah right

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    penetrate me to tears
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    I think a lot of bs here but guys are serious about betting if they join here

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    there are scam touts who sign up here every freakin day, start a pick thread to see if they get hot, and never bet a dime on the games they post

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    Not interested....
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    Most want attention ruin and validation from strangers. They deny it but why post a tracking thread here? You have a pen and paper at home of you want to track yourself. So yes they do.....

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    I'm not even a human. I'm a robot poster.

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    Russian Rocket
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    if I air bet my picks win put real money they lose