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    The guy was just trying to Reload

    This dumbfukk reminds of Wizzle and Deemer -- both are broke, fragile and desperate to get another reload

    Texas father charged with trying to sell his own son

    <iframe src="http://abc7news.com/video/embed/?pid=1166235" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" width="476"></iframe>

    A Pearland man is facing charges after he allegedly tried to sell his own son.

    Ronald Hoyt, 45, has been charged with sale or purchase of a child, a third degree felony. Reached by phone, he denied the allegations and declined to talk further without consulting an attorney.

    Pearland police arrested Hoyt Friday. Eyewitness News obtained video of the arrest and the alleged transaction.

    According to the allegations, for a $1000 check and a pickup truck, Hoyt was willing to sell his son, Alan. It was the final act, the 16-year-old tells Eyewitness News after years of turmoil.

    "He made sure I knew I was adopted. There was a lot of bad stuff," said Alan.

    Hoyt adopted the teen when he was a young boy. The relationship turned rocky, according to Alan, as he got older. Last year, he met Michael Gonzales who gave him a home. Gonzales went to court to become his managing conservator and in December decided he wanted to adopt Alan.

    "He didn't have anyone who cared about him. He was a lost soul," said Gonzales.

    However, first, Hoyt allegedly wanted something.

    Gonzales' attorney, Mike Gonzalez, showed Eyewitness News a text message from Hoyt that reads, "Before I sign any adoption papers, I want 2 years of subsidy for Alan." He went on to clarify he would take Gonzalez's Nissan pickup truck and the rest in cash.

    Attorney Gonzalez says Hoyt signed the deal last week with an undercover Pearland police officer in the room. Security cameras were rolling on Friday when he returned to the Pearland law office and was arrested.

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    weird fukking ppl out there. i would not sell my son for 1 billion.

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    he does look like a typical gambling forum poster

    wouldnt be surpised is he has account at SBR or covers or eog, etc.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by popovitsch View Post
    he does look like a typical gambling forum poster

    wouldnt be surpised is he has account at SBR or covers or eog, etc.....
    Does seem like the type we use to see on the creditwagering.com most wanted list

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    Can't blame the degen...He had Touts calling all week to hop on
    the STEAMERS for the Conference Championships!!
    He was going to haul the payload in the pick-up.

    Also wanted to invest in the hot stock market.
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    I do not have a problem. Looks like a reasonable business transaction.