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    Quote Originally Posted by BigdaddyQH View Post
    Nice try, but you guys are still way off. Just reverse everything. What about all of the games where a team covered the OPENERS (something that most of you guys cannot get because you do not wager enough per game) and the final line. Example: I grabbed Michigan State -2 1/2 against Iowa. The line closed at -3 1/2. MSU won by 3. The openers were a winner for me. The closer a loser for all of you who took MSU and gave the points. The same can be said for "Games of the Year Wagers" that come out in June. I hit a middle taking Michigan State -1 over Oregon,and then Oregon +3 1/2 over Michigan State. Many of you have it half right. The fact is that anytime you can beat the closing line, your odds of winning are better. Everyone knows this. The question is this. How many of you have the ability to wager at any time of the wagering cycle, from Sunday Afternoon, when the lines for the following week come down, to minutes before the game kicks off. How many of you have the money and the connections to wager big money on "games of the year"? This is the biggest edge that the "Pros" have over you guys. The "Pros" have the ability and financial resources to wager any amount at any time. Some of you guys laughed at my "ML Favorites of the Week" plays, but I never lost one and I will guarantee you that I made more money than ANYONE else in here. That means ANYONE. 13-0 will do that for you. You have to have gthe money going in. Then you have to find the right line and jump on it before it changes. This is why the "High Rollers" get to wager first and why the rest of you have to wait.

    this guy might be the biggest bs in SBR.

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    coin might have a conniption if baylor wins today

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    Quote Originally Posted by thetrinity View Post
    coin might have a conniption if baylor wins today
    North Carolina is the only bowl favorite that I have actually bet so far, so I hope he is conniption free.

    By the way, this is a different circumstance as the initial big line move had nothing to do with money bet. You can actually consider the new "opener" UNC -2.5 since that was the line initially posted after being off the board for a few days due to updated Baylor injuries.

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